Short review of M31 and M32

October 01, 2020
Some background information first.
In the past we as a team have been experiencing difficulties with our comms system.
Most predominantly, it where the headsets that failed during their usage.
After using multiple brands, types and styles of headsets/in-ear solutions (3M Peltor Comtac, MSA Soirdin, Z-Tactical, Throat mics, Bowmans),
Either the microphone broke down, speakers in the earmuffs broke down, "expensive" amplified PTT's are needed, sound didn't got picked up well, irritated the ears (the in ear versions), not water resistant at all.
This more or less lead to the fact that if no comms where necessarily needed, we played without them.
As the team has been growing over the last couple of months, we decided to throw all our different radios out and switch to one brand/model.
So the search for a good headset continued....
Last week when scrolling through Facebook I found out thatbecame a dealer of a new brand of tactical headsets.
Looking at the pictures only it appeared a decent piece of kit, so Mentes and I rushed out the next day to get a hands on.
Sinds this headset only works with "real steel" PTT's or own brand PTT, we both decided to buy the PTT also.
Having tested it over the weekend during a 36 hour MilSim in the UK, I think I can definitely speak for Mentes and myself that we finally have a headset that will last.
However, the PTT, in my opinion is completely worthless. Let me explain that more in the cons section of this review.
-- The specs (as per the website of OPSMEN) --
- Noise reduction rating + NRR22
- Provided with electronic restoration of surrounding sound.
- Electronic volume, on/off switch reminder tone
- Suppresses gunshot noise above 82 dBa and amplifies low-level sounds.
- 3 adjustable electronic restoration level.
- Power by 2x AAA batteries, New alkaline batteries provide approx. 350 hours' operation.
- Pronunciation ergonomic design more fitting ear
- Built-in NATO Military Standard 7.0 Plug for PTT
- Detachable microphone for both left or right-handed assembly
- An anti-sweat, comfortable ear cup for continued wearing.
- Headband with three different sizes. (Head circumference perimeter S:<54cm, M:54-60cm, L:&gt;60cm)
- Foldable ear cup design
- Waterproof in accordance with IPX-5
- Tested and approved in accordance with CE / RoSH / ANSI S3.19-1974 Standards.
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