EARMOR M32 MOD3 tactical hearing protection and airsoft players

EARMOR M32 MOD3 tactical hearing protection and airsoft players


There may not be many airsoft players who invest in hearing protection, even though it can be important, but plenty of keen hobbyists rely on communication as the play. Communication is a key part of airsoft and the Earmor M32 headset has now specifically been designed to improve this aspect of the game while also providing hearing protection.


The Earmor M32 MOD3 Communications Headset with Hearing Protection allows you to stay in constant real-time contact with your teammates while also keeping you protected from any loud or sharp noises that could have a negative effect on your eardrums. Not only does the headset come with these two unique features, but the build quality and sound quality are also exceptional, far above its reasonable asking price.


Material and Build Quality –


As soon as you open the box, you instantly get an appreciation of the quality of the product you have invested in. The headset itself is made with strong yet sleek polymer material. It was even tested out by bashing and scraping it against a few different surfaces, as this could happen in airsoft, but it came out the other side with nothing more than the odd scuff mark. The band on the headphone is adjustable and flexible, fitting a range of head sizes and allowing you to go for a one earmuff on, one earmuff off option. The headband itself is covered in faux leather and the polymer sections are of a high quality.


The padding in the earmuffs themselves is incredible, providing both comfort and sound protection. For any glasses wearers out there, it was also tested  with spectacles, and it was still very comfortable. As airsoft players do, these earmuffs can easily be worn for hours on end without any discomfort and the cups are also anti-sweat material. The cable attached to the headphones is definitely strong enough for consistent use, although it isn’t that easy to attach the helmet rail to the M32H Mod3. Having said that, once you do manage to link them up, everything works well and stays where it should be.


There are three main buttons to use on the headset. Hold the middle button to turn sound amplification on or off, then use the plus and minus buttons to control volume. You can even move the microphone from right to left depending on your preference, while the entire unit is waterproof and gives 350 hours of use.


PTT Modifications –


The noise of button clicks has been reduced significantly, which is a nice feature. It also comes with a rubber cover to ensure that water and dust are not a problem. You can even choose which side the PTT button falls on, depending on where you position it on your vest.



What Is It Like To Use?


The headset is tested out in the heat of battle by our airsoft players and they were pleased to say that it worked fantastically. In terms of hearing the audio and receiving messages clearly, the sound was perfect; they never missed a message. Going the other way, the microphone was also very clear to use. The microphone also picks up the background noise around you and plays it through the headset, ensuring that you are always aware of what is going on. However, every noise over 82 dB gets reduced to protect your hearing, which is why the headset is NRR22 rated for noise reduction. This feature is simply brilliant, with the circuit shutting down for any noise over that 82 dB threshold within 0.5 seconds. Therefore, any loud shots or grenade blasts in small rooms, for example, will not damage your hearing or leave you stunned as they may have without the headset.



Not only does this headset improve communication and protect hearing, but it should also improve your gameplay. There are also four different options for picking up ambient sounds which is perfect for conversations. It’s helpful that the headset doesn’t have to be switched on and off between communication as it plugs straight into your PTT.

Conclusions –


This reasonably priced headset is a great alternative to the current products on the market as it offers some unique features while doing the standard stuff very well.


Please note: This Protector is compatible with the NATO standard Nexus TP120 socket, please use EARMOR PTTs or Military PTTs. Not compatible with ZTac/Element's PTTs.