The Ultimate Guide to the Earmor M31, M32 & MilPro

How to Choose the Best Tactical Headset: The Ultimate Guide to the Earmor M31, M32 & MilPro

If you’ve never owned a tactical communication headset or are curious about upgrading your current headset, this comparison between three popular Earmor models (the M31, M32, and MilPro) will help you discover which one is the best for you.



What to Look at When Choosing Headsets

While the right headset won’t turn you into an airsoft or shooting sports professional overnight, it can help your performance. Acquiring the right hearing protection earmuffs can make a huge difference, especially if you need communication compatibility as well.


So, here are various insights into choosing between the M31, M32, and MilPro headsets, including:

  • communication and hearing protection
  • compatibility and connectivity
  • comfort levels
  • noise reduction and awareness

Do You Need Hearing Protection Only or a Communication Headset?

Before you dive into shopping for earmuffs, you need to decide if your only priority is hearing protection. Some professionals also require headsets that enable communication between team members. So, if you engage in airsoft or shooting sports with a community, communication is key.

Luckily, all three of the headsets we’re looking at today feature built-in speakers. Let’s look more at those features now.



Compatibility and Connectivity for Communication

With the Earmor M32, MilPro M32 Mark3, and MilPro M32N Mark3, you can rest assured knowing that operations will run smoothly with hands-free communication. With these headsets, every member of your team will be able to hear all essentials signals and information with the built-in NATO military standard 7.0 plugs for push-to-talk (PTT).



The M31 does not include this feature since it is primarily for hearing protection only. Still, it does include a 3.5 mm audio input jack for smartphones, mp3 players, and more (and the mini-jack cable is included in your purchase).



The M32N Mark 3 stands out since it can also be equipped with a U-174 NATO military standard connector and PTT system. On the other hand, the M32 Mark3 Dual Comm model is equipped with a 2x Nexus TP-120 U-174 NATO military standard connector for PTTs.

It’s important to note that the military connector is incompatible with Element and Z-Tactical PTTs—you must use an Earmor, TCI, or Nexus PTT.


Comfort and Ease

All Earmor tactical headsets feature:

  • a foldable design for easy storage
  • adjustable padded headbands for comfort
  • snug cushions that provide a tight seal



However, the M31 and M32 contain foam, leather-like earmuffs, while the MilPro M32N Mark3 has sealed silicone ear cushions. While the foam earmuffs are comfortable, the silicone model enables a better fit on your face, reduces sweatiness, and creates little to no sound leakage. It is also suitable for long-term wear. While the M31 and M32 models do not come with this feature, you can upgrade them with silicone gel earpads for all these benefits.



The M32, MilPro M32 Mark3, and MilPro M32N Mark3 all have a detachable microphone and 4-hour auto shut-off. However, the MilPro M32 Mark3 and MilPro M32N Mark3 models are best for daily training or any activity that involves wearing helmets. Since the earmuff’s contact surface with the head is small, it is incredibly comfortable and nearly weightless compared to other suspension systems. The MilPro M32 Mark3 is also equipped with a Velcro M62 headband for easy replacement and accessory attachments.



Noise Reduction and Environment Awareness

With a noise reduction rating of NRR 22, all Earmor headsets are great for reducing noise while still allowing awareness of your environment. Every headset suppresses harmful noise above 82 decibels and amplifies low-level sounds in less than one millisecond for an incredibly fast attack time that avoids noise impact.


The M31 and M32 headsets contain four independent high-end beat audio speakers. This allows separate input audio devices, ambient sounds, and clear voice tracking for improved speech intelligibility.


The MilPro M32N Mark3 and MilPro M32 Mark3 also have five adjustable sound mode options, making them better suited to adapt to different environments than the M31 and M32 models.


Our electronic hearing protection headsets have remarkable active noise reduction (ANR), and they also feature great passive noise reduction (PNR) with interior noise suppressing foams that block passive sounds from the environment. So, even when Earmor headsets are inactive, they are still protective.

Takeaways: Which Earmor Headset is Best for You

The right headset for you depends on your budget and your specific needs. Before you buy a tactical headset, ask yourself if you will use your Earmor earmuffs at the shooting range or in an airsoft game, if you’ll play alone or communicate with a team, and how often you’ll use them for how long.


Once you answer these questions, selecting your headphones and accessories is easy.


If you have questions about our Earmor tactical headsets, contact us, and we’ll get back to you right away. And follow our blog for part two, where we’ll explore Earmor headset accessories, add-ons, and helmet mounting.