1 . How to Mount Your M16 Quickly (VIDEO)

2 . Fasten Your FAST Helmet Adapter in Seconds (video)

3 . How to Fasten Your M-LocK Helmet Adapter (video)

4 . What is the difference between EARMOR’s MOD3 and MilPro MARK3 headsets?

Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison so that you can easily understand the difference between our MOD3 and MARK3 versions:


Water Resistance IPX5 IP67 IPX5 IP67
Sound Indoor Sound + Sound Effect Mode 5x Environmental Modes
Bracket Replacement Tools needed Change by hand (Modular Design)
Button Placement Right Left
Ear Pads PVC Sponge Silica Gel Ear Pads
Microphone Windproof Microphone Windproof Dynamic for High-Noise Conditions
Battery Caps ABS Military Spec Hard Anode + Waterproof (Small Size
    6 Rotations)
    Upgraded Circuit Structure, Strong Anti-
    Interference , Sound Pick-Up Effect


5 . Does the EARMOR Mark 3 Arch Rails M16 Adapter fit onto the M32 or M31?

EARMOR’s Mark 3 Arch Rails M16 Black is designed for only on our MARK3 version only.

6 . What is the difference between the EARMOR M31 and the M32?

While both the EARMOR M31 and its M32 counterpart are designed for use in shooting-range,
the difference lies in their connection capability. While the M31 can be connected via phone or
using a Shoulder MIC with an AUX cable, the M32 features an integrated microphone and PTT
technology for radio connection.

7 . Can I use EARMOR electronic hearing protection to shoot with “real steel guns”?

Yes, M31 ir M32 have “Noise reduction rating + NRR22” which suppresses harmful
noise above 82 dB.

8 . What is so special about the EARMOR M32H model?

The EARMOR M32H may seem identical to its M32 counterpart, but there is one critical difference – the M32H
allows you to choose the helmet’s fastening, from fast to M-LOK or EXFIL.

9 . Does the EARMOR M32 headset function with U94, Z-Tactical, and other PTT connections

The military connector is not compatible with U94, Element, or Z-Tactical PTTs. You will only be able to use EARMOR or TCI/Nexus PTTs.