Earmor M20 Eectronic shooting earplugs

 EARMOR® M20 Electronic Earplug is a more convenient and excellent hearing
protection product. It adopts in-ear electronic hearing protection, which can
help reduce continuous noise and impulse noise, while suppressing dangerous
noises higher than 82 dB, and improve perception and communication in the noisy
environments. There are two modes of indoor and outdoor to adjust the ambient
sound. It is suitable for use in high-noise environments such as shooting training,
law enforcement, manufacturing and construction, making work comfortable
and efficient. The battery life can be up to 8 hours and there is a low-battery
reminder. The portable charging case does not need to replace the battery, which
is convenient for charging. Compared with traditional noise-canceling headphones,
which are smaller and lighter in weight, the electronic earplugs combines
compatibility, portability and comfort. It comes with a silicone Retention cord to
prevent loss, and accessories such as earpieces cover and eartips of different sizes
are convenient for users with different ear sizes.

Product meets the following standards:
ANSI S3.19-1974
EN 352-2:2002
EN 352-7:2002



  • A pair of M20 electronic earplugs (with a pair of medium earpieces cover and a pair of
    medium eartips),
  • Portable charging case,
  • Retention cord,
  • Charging cable USB-C ,
  • A pair of small earpieces cover & eartips,
  • A pair of large earpieces cover & eartips,
  • User instructions.



Automatic shutoff
Nearly 2 hours standby, the electronic earplugs will be a beep
After more than 2 hours of standby, the electronic earplugs will auto shutoff and
emit 3 beeps
Put the earplugs in the charging case when they are turned on, and will auto shutoff
Needs to be turned on again, just press the ON / OFF button again

2 modes of noise reductionIn order to reduce the echo and reverberation when shooting in indoor/outdoor
environments, the electric earplugs are set with two noise reduction modes, indoor
mode and outdoor mode, which can be switched.

Clear voice tracking
Clear voice tracking technology improves the recognition of the voice in the
environment, which can optimize the vocal dialogue in the environment and make
the voice clearer.


Hearing protector
Hearing protection is designed to reduce the harm caused by harmful noise or
other treble.
Improper use or improper wearing can cause hearing damage in strong noise.
In order to use hearing protection headphones properly, you can consult a
professional and read the instructions carefully or call our company for more
details. Please do not wear headphones if the ear is ill, or improper protection
will cause permanent hearing loss.