Firearm Hearing Protection


The Next Generation of

Firearm Hearing Protection


Firearms are a crucial part of everyday life for professionals and amateurs spanning a wide range of industries – including hunters, competitive shooters, target shooters, and more. From tactical purposes to entertainment to recreational historical events, firearms are essential. Yet, necessity does not come without risk.

Regardless of the application, using firearms without the appropriate protection can cause serious damage to our hearing. Sadly, and with the exception of sudden hearing loss, firearm-induced hearing loss is a slow and insidious process. Shooters often continue inflicting damage on their ears, none the wiser.



Unfortunately, when the shooter eventually realizes what’s happening, it’s often too late to fix. So, what can you do about it? Instead of forever abandoning your love for shooting, you can simply protect your hearing on the field to minimize your risk and make sure you can keep fulfilling your passion for years to come. But…how?

Level Dependent or Sound-Restoration Earmuffs

This is the secret to authentic and powerful hearing protection. Level dependent or sound-restoration earmuffs are convenient and comfortable to wear during shooting practice or when hunting. Devices like these feature built-in microphones that absorb the sound when you shoot. With the amplifier connecting to a speaker within the cup, the shooter can still enjoy the ambient sound of his actions without causing any damage.

However, this begs the question – is the amplifier’s response rapid enough to prevent dangerous noise levels from passing through? When shooting with impulsive high-level firearms – such as rifles, shotguns, and pistols – this safety is not guaranteed. But it can be…


EARMOR – A New Kind of Electronic Hearing Protection


EARMOR has spent years developing advanced NRR22-rated (Noise Reduction Rating) hearing protection technology no matter how loud the sound. NRR describes the average sound-level reduction delivered by a Hearing Protection Device – or HPD for short – confirmed through laboratory testing. These tactical headsets work by intelligently detecting the volume and applying noise reduction within an impressive 0.5 milliseconds. Should an ambient sound surpass 82 dBA, the in-built amplifier will automatically apply less gain and, when necessary, shut down.


Seeing as EARMOR’s NRR rating is based on lab testing, shooters are urged to wear their headsets correctly at all times. Accessories such as glasses or goggles can affect the headset’s positioning on the ears and, in turn, compromise its effectiveness.

To put it into perspective, here’s a rough decibel breakdown:



140 dB = Firearms

130 dB = Jet aircraft during takeoff (300 ft. away)

Extremely loud:

110 dB = Vehicles

90 dB = Subway

Very loud:

70 dB = B-757 aircraft cabin during flight


35 dB = Whisper

10 dB = Human breathing

Needless to say, different people react to noise differently – but the guidelines above are most common. To keep shooters as safe as possible, EARMOR’s noise reduction headsets further feature silicone gel ear sealing rings, keeping the headphones tightly pressed against your ears at all times for optimal impact and efficacy.

It’s also important to note that indoor and outdoor settings offer very different shooting experiences and, in turn, noise levels and safety hazards. For this reason, the shooter must take responsibility to evaluate what would best serve them in terms of hearing protection.

Ultimately, if you are searching for a noise-reduction headset you can count on to deliver unprecedented protection on the shooting range – and if communication with others around you is not a priority – consider EARMOR.

We hope this article has given you invaluable insight, and we urge you to stay safe out there. If your hearing is gone, it’s near impossible to get it back – so act now and choose the reliable, high-quality noise-reduction technology countless shooters in your industry trust. Choose EARMOR.